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Man doesn't take selfie with a bill showing GST, restaurant gives free food.

10, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

On 30th June midnight, GST was rolled out across the nation. While many are still struggling to understand it completely, for one man GST turned out to be a blessing in disguise rather than a struggle. Yash Kumar got free food at a restaurant in South Delhi after he didn’t take selfie with a bill showing GST. 


Yash Kumar, a Noida resident took his friends for a dinner party after he got a mail saying that he has won Hundred thousand Euros lottery. After having the dinner the waiter gave him bill. He simply paid the bill without even looking at the bill properly. Yash was totally ignorant about the GST so he wasn’t expecting any change in the bill. After Restaurant manager noticed that yash was not taking selfie with the bill, he immediately asked the waiter to bring the bill back and let him go. 

Faking News reporter spoke to restaurant manager. He said “It’s one of the rarest scenes after GST, this happened after demonetization too. People started posting selfies with new 500 and 2000 rupee notes. I work daily from morning 8 to 11 at night, after GST people take extra time since they have to take photos too. It’s affecting our business as more time clearly means less people in restaurant. Till now I hadn’t seen anyone not taking selfie with new GST applied bill, this guy is different so he must be awarded, this is what I thought.” 

It’s is said that more the knowledge more the powerful person you are, but in this particular case it seems ignorance is bliss. Restaurant manager awarding Yash raises a question, what do we expect from our young generation? Being ignorant?