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Man doubts his dentist after he didn't recommend the toothpaste every doctor recommends on TV

22, Oct 2016 By RT

New Delhi. A man in his mid-thirties doubted his dentist and refused to buy the prescribed toothpaste from a neighborhood medical store, when he found out the brand was not one of the many recommended by dentists in TV advertisements.

When Faking News reporter contacted Mr. Kumar, he flashed a nervous smile and narrated the incident.


FN: Mr. Kumar, what made you to visit a dentist?

Kumar: I have been suffering from bad toothache for the past few months. My friends complained to me that they have been suffering from bad breath, my bad breath, for the past few years. When the bad breath had become unbearable, my friends pooled in money and sent me to a dentist.

FN: Please tell us what happened at the dentist.

Kumar: Everything was good there. The dentist brought back the colour of my teeth from utter black to almost white. He used twice the amount of cement to fix the cavities compared to what he used to fix his damaged wall, he told me.

FN: Was the fee too high?

Kumar: The fee was phenomenal. The dentist did have to do a couple of extractions. Along with that he extracted every last coin from my wallet also. Tell you what. the last extraction was more painful.

FN: All good. What made you doubt his credentials?

Kumar: When he wrote a prescription for my toothpaste, I had my first doubt. When the medical store guy gave me a toothpaste with a name not even close to any highly recommended toothpaste in TV. How can accredited doctors on TV be wrong? How can bollywood actors and ‘chief smile officers’ be wrong?

FN: So, what did you finally do?

Kumar: I went back to the clinic and asked him to show the credentials. The doctor smiled and had shown all the certificates. Then he asked me something unusual. He challenged me to get verified credentials of at least one dentist appearing in the TV advertisements.