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Man drinking diet cold drink with burger and fries confused why he is still gaining weight

22, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Hyderabad: Fitness freak Ramesh has been gymming regularly in the last six months, but to his disappointment, has only gained weight. It started with the beginning of this year at new year’s office party where he was eating and drinking like hog, when a girl told him he looked fat. Apparently this happened after he had told her that her lisp was the funniest thing he had ever heard. Hurt and insulted, Ramesh decided to get in shape and give a befitting reply to the girl.

diet cold drink
Meal while dieting

He took out time from his busy schedule of sitting on the bench in the IT Company to hit the treadmill daily for seven minutes – something his trainer never fails to praise him for – yet the 5 feet 3 inches tall software engineer now weighs 93 kgs, while he was just 76 kgs when he joined the gym.

“I take all precautions,” a panting Ramesh told this correspondent while slowing down his treadmill, “I take a lot of water, avoid cheese burst double pizzas, stand up and walk around at least twice in the office, and sleep early. Yet there is no improvement.”

Ending his treadmill exercise two minutes earlier than usual, Ramesh then sat with this reporter and opened his bag to take out burgers and fries.

“I no longer eat the big ones of all kinds; only the Chicken Maharaja Mac and large fries with that so that I don’t eat another burger,” he explained how he has kept things in control, “And yes, diet coke. I never go for normal cold drink, which has a lot of sugar.”

Gym trainer of Ramesh confirms that he advised him to avoid normal cold drinks and go for the diet version. “Somehow he’s still gaining weight,” he wondered.

“He is disciplined,” the trainer added, “I have only seen him having low fat milk or low fat yoghurt if he can’t find diet coke to go along his burger and fries. But there is no improvement. Maybe he should try cycling too apart from the treadmill.”

But Ramesh says that his gymming routine and efforts are just what it should be; it’s the low fat and low calorie products that are faulty.

“Blind corporatization has led us to this. You can’t trust these companies selling these products. Thank god these burgers and fries are still good to eat,” he said.

When we asked Ramesh whether he has thought about giving up burgers, he said, “Burgers? Why? That is the only healthy meal item I eat. There is green veggie there in lettuce, healthy cheese, chicken providing me proteins, the bun providing me wheat, it is wholesome healthy food. The fries are again just vegetables; potatoes fried in vegetable oil, just vegetables. My doctor says vegetables are good for health.”

We tried to ask what else Ramesh eats but right then, delivery guy came in with the next lot of burgers and Ramesh escorted us out to eat his burgers in peace.