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Man driving on Indian roads for 25 yrs shocked to hear that there are wrong and right sides for overtaking

25, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: 40 yrs old Amar Singh was shocked when he was issued a traffic challan yesterday for overtaking from the wrong side. Amar, who has been driving since he was in high school, had never even heard about such a rule earlier. He ended up in a long argument with the traffic constable over the matter.

Chandigarh roads
Amar thought he can freely use any one of these lanes

The incident happened on the road dividing Sector 18 and 21 when Amar was returning from office in his car. Amar took the slow lane to get ahead of a vehicle in front of him and was immediately pulled over by the traffic constable. As per sources in the traffic police, it was the constable’s first day on the job and that is why he was trying to implement every law.

“I am not paying this challan, I will fight it out in the court or maybe I will ask my wife’s maternal aunt’s brother-in-law to help me out. He is a police inspector; he will settle it for me. What is wrong side overtaking, there is only overtaking. I have been deliberately targeted by the traffic police here. I don’t know the reason for it yet, once I find out the caste and political affiliations of the constable, I will know the exact reason behind this action”, a fuming Amar told Faking News.

Furthermore he added, “I have been driving since I was a 15 yrs old when I asked my father, who was working in transport department at the time, to get me a Driving License. I have paid all sorts of fines but never have I been booked for wrong overtaking. The asshole even refused to take any bribe from me to settle the issue there and then. What was he trying to prove, that he is some Anna Hazare or something? Honest officials really inconvenience common people like us and strict action should be taken against him.”

When we tried to get the version of the traffic constable, he refused to identify himself on record. On the condition of anonymity, he said, “Many colleagues have already scolded me saying that traffic will come to a standstill if we start fining people for every violation. I have been told to pick and choose from now on. Why don’t they teach us such things during training?”