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Man faints in Bangalore PG due to lack of oxygen in room shared by just 11 IT engineers

28, May 2016 By manishpaul

Bengaluru: An IT engineer in Bengaluru, Araam Singh, fell unconscious on Sunday due to lack of Oxygen in his PG room. Araam Singh had recently moved into the new 10-sharing PG room after shifting to Bengaluru last week and had complained of uneasiness in the last two days when an 11th person was adjusted into the room by the owner.

Sharing room with IT engineers. Better get an oxygen cylinder.
Sharing room with IT engineers. Better get an oxygen cylinder.

After inspection of the room, the police confirmed that the room was fit only for 2 people and the rest had been illegally adjusted. There was exactly one window and that too was inside the bathroom.

Initial investigation has revealed that one of the room mates had some trouble digesting the mixture of rubber and gum provided by the mess inside the PG, after which he had to spend half the day in the bathroom, thereby cutting off the only supply of oxygen from the bathroom window to the entire room. Adding to the misery, the room mate closed the window since he could see some women staring at him from the opposite flat’s balcony.

Araam Singh, who himself was waiting for his turn to use the bathroom, was lying down half unconscious when suddenly he started screaming “Oxygen chahiye, Oxgyen kodi, Oxygen maadi, Oxygen beku!”, using whatever Kannada words he had learned in the last two weeks,

The PG owner couldn’t understand what Araam Singh wanted and had to hop over all the beds to reach Araam Singh. Things were in control finally when one person suggested to throw Araam Singh on the terrace where he finally recovered.

As of the latest update, Araam Singh has reportedly been shifted to a newly constructed premiere room in the PG with one window next to the bed at double the cost.