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Man falls from terrace trying to come live on TV during YSR funeral

03, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Hyderabad. An unfortunate incident causing fatal injuries to a man occurred when huge crowds gathered to see the body of Andhra Pradesh chief minister YS Rajashekhara Reddy. YSR was killed in a tragic helicopter crash yesterday and his body was recovered today in the morning after massive search operations. Huge crowds of Congress supporters, common citizens, curious onlookers, policemen and mediapersons had built up when the body arrived in the state capital this afternoon.

Down but not out
Gobburi: Down but not out

The unfortunate incident happened when TRP Gobburi, a resident of Asifnagar who had climbed on the terrace of a building, tried to wave into a television camera and lost his balance. The building had three storeys and Gobburi was rather unfortunate to fall on a stack of bricks, used as wickets for playing cricket by the local children, kept in the street. Gobburi has suffered multiple fractures all over his body and has been kept under intensive care in a local government hospital.

“He loved to come on television. A few months earlier his smiling pictures and videos where shown all over the news channels when he accidentally bumped into a gathering that was protesting attack on Andhra students in Australia. Since then he had always been joining any gathering that was being reported by news channels. He was very excited to see so many television cameras and was trying to attract their attention when this thing happened. I feel sorry for my smiling friend.” a friend of Gobburi told.

TRP Gobburi works as a motor mechanic and is 37 years old. He didn’t have any active political or social affiliations. Doctors are hopeful of saving him but they don’t see Gobburi leading a normal life until after three months when he must be bedridden completely. Doctors have appealed to common citizens not to look into television cameras during public events.

“Public events and gatherings are always disorganized and anything unfortunate can happen. People should be careful in such situation. They should look into a television camera only if the television people ask them to do so.” Dr. Raman, a general practitioner with the government hospital, advised.

Gobburi wanted to talk to some television news channels that had gone to the government hospital to cover the news of his fall, but the doctors disallowed him as his jaw was fractured due to the fall. But Gobburi did wave towards the television cameras to signal that he was alright and alive.