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Man files case against weather department after their prediction of heavy rainfall comes true, calls it 'betrayal of trust'

04, Sep 2019 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai based businessman has filed a case against the weather department after their prediction of heavy rainfall turned out correct.


The man claims that suffered losses after material worth considerable amount of money was rendered useless due to incessant rains.

As per sources, who have knowledge of the case details, the businessman blindly went by the prediction and ordered extra raw material, which turned soggy by the time it reached the factory.

“It is common knowledge that when they(weather dept) say ‘heavy rains’, it clearly means that it is going to be bright and sunny. The weather guys have betrayed my trust. I want them to compensate me for the losses,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

“They send so many satellites in space for studying weather. How dare they get their predictions right. Why don’t they realize that our livelihood is dependent on them making wrong predictions,” he added.

After the news spread on social media, support for the businessman started pouring in from all corners.

A city based fashion designer narrated how she kept her umbrella at home after she saw ‘warning of heavy rainfall’.

Several Bollywood celebrities too had similar stories to tell and were not very pleased with the weather guys.

Some even called for a CBI enquiry against the weather department, drawing attention of CM Devendra Fadnavis to the matter.

There was no official word from the MET dept. on the matter but officials say that an internal enquiry could undertaken to find out what led to the prediction coming out right.