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Man finds ages old piece of paper inside his wallet, requests ASI to excavate the wallet

09, Dec 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Khoji Gupta, a resident of Andheri West has requested ASI to perform excavation of his wallet after he found ages old piece of paper inside it.

“It all happened accidently. Earlier, whenever I used to look at my overweight wallet filled with God knows what, I always thought that one day I would gather enough courage to dig deep inside, but I never did,” said Khoji explaining how his fear was keeping him away from unearthing such a historic site.

No money inside, still worth lakhs in black market.

Khoji found the piece of paper last weekend while looking for his passport size photo which he had kept in one of the many pockets of his wallet.

“I put my fingers inside one of the pockets, and finally what I pulled out was a yellowish piece of paper. In the first appearance, it looked like some old artifact from Harappan period,” Khoji said while narrating the incident which took place last Saturday.

After a bit of googling, Khoji came to know that paper was invented by Chinese between 206 BC to 220 AD.

“So there was a contradiction in what I was feeling and facts which Wikipedia told me,” Khiji continued, adding that immediately after that he contacted ASI’s local office and requested them to excavate his wallet, “I believe ASI is going to benefit a lot from it.”

However, before contacting ASI, the thought of selling off the old piece of paper and his whole purse in European black market did cross his mind. But finally, sanity prevailed and Khoji decided to handover whatever he found to ASI.

“For me, it’s always country first,” Khoji said beaming with pride, “These artifacts lying inside my purse belongs to India, because I belong to India.”

Taking Khoji’s request seriously, ASI has appointed a team of 6 employees to dig deep inside Khoji’s wallet and are expecting the finish the excavation work in a month.

“The whole structure is pretty complex and messed up. There are multiple deep and dark pockets inside it, with few of them connected to each other through holes tunnels. For example, pocket which is normally used to keep coins has its chain not working properly and has a tunnel opening inside another pocket. We are expecting to find many old coins which might have slipped inside those dark pockets and lying there for ages,” said Mukesh Sharma, head of the ASI team describing how complex the whole project was.

Besides old coins, ASI is also expecting to find antique Atm receipts and visiting cards by end of the excavation work.

Meanwhile buoyed by the findings of the first couple of days, ASI has suggested Khoji to declare his wallet a museum. However, Khoji has agreed not only on his wallet, but also on his mail box and area under his sofa.

“There are ages old unread-mails in my mail box and many unknown things lying under my sofa,” revealed Khoji while pitching to convert his mail box into “Mail Museum” and under sofa area into “Under Sofa Museum”.