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Man forgets to sit down after standing for national anthem in multiplex, gets beaten for obstructing view

13, Dec 2016 By @jurnoleast

Gurgaon: A 22 year old college student, who had been to the multiplex to watch a movie, was beaten up by others present in the theater after he forgot to sit down even after the national anthem was over. Eyewitness say that the college student was engrossed in his smartphone and unaware that the national anthem had stopped playing.


Even after repeated calls from patrons asking him to sit down and not obstruct their view, the student was still standing, which led to a scuffle. This is second such incident in the past week where fights have broken out between moviegoers over national anthem.

It was only after multiplex management intervened that the matter was brought under control. There were other incidents too of fights but most of them were between the management and patrons who wanted a refund after watching Befikre.

Many movie goers are now opting for self defense classes after recent incidents of fights breaking out in theaters were reported in media. Rajesh Arora, an IT employee has joined Tae-Kwon-Do classes just to be on the safe side. “Though I’d be keeping my eyes open when I am in the theater, but you never know when someone might start raining blows on you. It makes sense to equip yourself with martial arts just for self defence,” he said, while also revealing that he carries pepper spray as a second option.

Regular fights have also become a headache for theater owners who are now looking at innovative preemptive ways to deal with such issues. “We have put spikes below the recliners. These spikes will rise up as soon as the national anthem starts playing and force people to stand up,” said a multiplex manager.