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Man found congratulating Saina Nehwal on Twitter while watching highlights of some India Zimbabwe cricket match on TV

31, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A 26 year old man whose tweet congratulating Saina Nehwal was retweeted some 150 times, was later found having the tweeted the tweet while watching highlights of an old India-Zimbabwe match on Star Cricket.

In a series of tweets, Tanmay first hailed Saina Nehwal’s achievement of becoming No 1 player in the world in Bandminton rankings and then criticized those who were still tweeting about World Cup.

“It’s sad that an icon like Saina Nehwal has taken birth in a country where sports means only cricket. Sad!” read one of the sample tweets from Tanmay’s TL.

Tanmay likes Saina in this pose.
Tanmay likes Saina in this pose.

The tweet received replies, favorites and RTs from a number of girls on twitter, who also started following Tanmay.

He then went ahead and posted same on his Facebook wall, all this while watching Ajay Jadeja smash Henry Olonga for boundaries in Harare.

The truth about him came to light, when a selfie he later posted after those tweets on twitter had a cricket match being played on TV in the background.

“That’s when I went to his room and I caught him watching highlights of a 90s match,” his roommate, who exposed Tanmay on twitter and Facebook, revealed.

“I mean even if he was watching an India-Pakistan game, it would have been understandable, but watching a Indo-Zim game and then tweeting shit about cricket fans is what got on my nerves,” his roommate argued.

Tanmay in his defense said that he was trying to understand what is that cricket crazy fans in India find interesting in these highlights, leave alone LIVE matches.

“And look even otherwise, I am not one of those hypocrites who watch badminton matches on TV. A sporting icon like Sania Nehwal deserves to be watched LIVE in a stadium,” Tanmay told Faking News.

Meanwhile Shiv Sena impressed with this whole incident has offered Tanmay a job to head the content team at their mouthpiece Saamna.