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Man gets Electricity bill of Rs.34,000 for his new two bedroom home, the builder says the bill is based on square feet

04, Sep 2016 By RT

Mumbai: A man in his early forties moved into his newly constructed two bedroom apartment in Dombivli East, last month. While everything was going ok about setting up living in the new place, the first Electricity bill gave him shock of his life when he saw that the amount to be paid is 34,000 for one month.

Running successfully all over India

Mr. Kumar went to check the meter and the heat emanating from the meter almost burnt his skin. The flash was running faster than Ben Johnson under influence of drugs. The meter would have put Mumbai auto meters to absolute shame.

He called the customer care and was put on hold for 30 minutes. Still he believed that his problem will be resolved. He opened 10 Web service requests for the High Bill and they were auto closed with the quickest turn around time. The comments said ‘normal’, immediately making his complaints as abnormal.

Next, Mr. Kumar visited the Electricity department’s office and soon he became a star among the other high bill customers waiting over there. His was the highest bill of them all. Not getting anything else other than the fanfare, he decided to visit the city management of the builder.

The builder laughed at the bill and said, “The bill is based on square feet, like everything else in this city. Now, recalculate! Your bill is a mere 34 rs. per month per square feet. That is the cheapest in the whole country. Free me hi le rahe ho aap to Bijli.”

It is learnt that, after much bargaining, the builder has offered an EMI scheme which Mr. Kumar has gladly accepted.