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Man glued to WhatsApp goes to office and comes back home without seeing anyone

16, Jul 2016 By dasu

Sandeep Mohanty always felt he got the mojo in his life after he installed WhatsApp. “Till then I was direction less, contact less, did not know what to do to keep myself busy through the day. I would often annoy my friends by sending them multiple candy crush requests. Sometimes without realizing, I would call people middle of the night to utilize free STD calls that my telephone operator would have offered me. All these were taking a toll on my relationship, few of them started blocking my number and some removed me from their friends list in FB,” wrote Sandeep while chatting with faking news team.

Too busy with Whatsapp to notice anyone?
Too busy with Whatsapp to notice anyone?

Sandeep added, “With WhatsApp, I do not have to do anything like this. I send my customary good morning to night messages, along with that share the jokes across groups. Leave to the group members to like, share or comment. I am part of 500 odd groups with more than half of them I am group admin and from that you can understand my workload.”

When we asked any reason for so many groups, “500 is not that big. Every day I get added to five new groups. If you want, will send you a snapshot of all my groups. You will find not a single group that is useless. To highlight a few, I have been added to different groups related to my primary school, high school, college time. My class sections changed year on year, then there were different tuition I took for various subjects, coaching classes I attended on academic as well as nonacademic. I am part of a group who we used to eat golgappa every day outside college gate. Each group stands for some memory. Tell me which one I should not be part of?” wrote Sandeep.

“It’s all about time management. Other than four hours of sleep, rest twenty hours are there to use WhatsApp. What’s the big fuss?” Sandeep added.

We met some of his office colleagues to know more about Sandeep. One of them told us, “There are days he would be glued to mobile screen and he would leave office without opening his laptop. Forget about talking to us, he would not have seen our faces. One day I remember he went to rest room and came out after five hours thanks to his mobile battery draining out. Now he has asked our office admin to install plug points in rest rooms so that he does not have to take unnecessary break like he took that day.”