Man goes to multiplex to watch a film, by the time he found a parking spot, the show was over

02, Jul 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Nitin Agarwal, a techie in Bengaluru who had the measure of city traffic forgot to factor the ‘traffic jams’ witnessed inside malls. The end result, his many hours of effort on road and inside multiplex parking lot went waste, returned home without watching the movie.

Plan to sahi kiya tha. I had to catch to afternoon show of “Incredibles 2’. As I stay other side of Silk Board, started after having my breakfast,” said Nitin on the measurable evening for him.

Nitin added, “Was hardly 2 kilometers away from the multiplex when drizzling started. This is the regular route I take to my office. Itna time nahin lagta hai. With drizzling I lost the buffer I had kept for myself. Entered the mall by the time movie would have started. The parking arrangement at the mall ensured I do not get a chance to see even the final credits of the movie”.

“Yes, I know schools are open which means Parents along with their school going kids are back in the city. But why this unusual rush at the mall. May be many like me were planning to complete their mandatory weekend mall trip before Messi kicks the ball in the evening”, said Nitin.

After all the hassles when Nitin was entering the multiplex, the security person after frisking him thoroughly said, “Sir, aap Ashutosh Gowariker ka movie dekhne nahin aayen hai. Thoda Jaldi nikalna tha aap ko. Yahan Jaldi Jaldi mujhe bolne se kuch nahin hoga”.

The security person found two ‘Prohibited items” that is two center fresh candies in Nitin’s pocket.

“He told me to deposit them at the locker room otherwise he can’t allow me inside”, said Nitin.

Like movie endings Nitin’s exit at the mall parking lot did not have a happy ending. He had exceeded the parking duration of 4 hours by 1 minute extra, so he was asked to pay for five hours.