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Man had to take another flight to reach the building that was described as “Short drive away from Delhi Airport” by the builder

25, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A client who had come to Delhi to see a flat that was described as “Short drive away from Delhi Airport” had to take another flight to Chandigarh to see the flat after he discovered that the building is actually in Zirakpur, Punjab. The man, Satya Prakash, is looking for a flat in Delhi NCR and has become the latest victim to fall prey to misleading advertisements by real estate builders and developers.

Image of the building shown in the ad

Writing “A short drive away from IGI Airport” in every advertisement is standard practice for all builders in the north of India even if the building is located hundreds of KMs from Delhi Airport. Satya Prakash saw one such ad by ‘Maa Kasam Honest Builders’ and flew down from Mumbai to Delhi to finalize the deal. When he landed here, he was in for a rude shock as the real estate agent asked him to take another flight to Chandigarh.

“I am getting transferred to Gurgaon next month and I want to finalize a deal as soon as possible. I spoke to the agent over the phone and he assured me that the building is very close to the airport and it is just a short drive. After landing here, I called him up for directions and he told me to take another flight to Chandigarh as it will be a shorter drive from there. That is when he revealed to me that the building is close to Sector 47, Chandigarh and not Sector 47, Gurgaon. Since I was already here, I decided to take the flight anyway to see if the property is worth investing”, Satya Prakash said.

When we asked the real estate agent for his version of the story, he said,”Bhaisaab we promised short drive from IGI Airport and it is a short drive, only 250 KMs. 250 KMs take only 5 hrs even after accounting for the traffic. Evolution is Millions of years old, what is 5 hrs compared to Millions of years, a very short time. That is exactly what we promised in the ad. We advised him to take the flight only because he didn’t want to travel by road.”

Meanwhile, Satya Prakash is now searching for properties right next to the Airport to find something within 50 KMs radius.