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Man hit by train by while clicking selfie retries to it to get clearer selfie video

01, Feb 2018 By itsmihir1993

A week after a Hyderabad man was hit by moving train while filming a selfie video, he tried re-enacting the scene for a better quality video. This time around, he went a step further and went live on Facebook to announce the stunt to his friends, just before filming the selfie video. In addition to this, he used a DSLR camera to film the incident.

The man in the video miraculously escaped with minor injuries after being hit by the train last week. However, he was more confident this time and moved aside just in precision as the train passed by him. Speaking to us, he said, “Due to the poor quality of the phone camera, I could not estimate the train’s speed last time, which led to the accident. However, the DSLR helped me to judge the speed of the approaching train better.”

The fresh video did not receive as many “likes” and “shares” as the previous one. Realising that the accident had helped the first video go viral, the youth vowed to get hit by the train again in order to get more reactions on the video. “In my next video, I will take my DSLR camera and stand in the middle of the tracks and get hit by the train. It will definitely generate more reactions from people,” he said.

The man is also planning to buy an apartment near the railway tracks. Explaining his move, he said, “By staying close to the tracks, I can know every time when a train passes by. This will help me make videos of getting hit by the train every week.”

After the accident video went viral on social media, several people in Hyderabad were spotted jumping in front of moving trains for “likes” and “shares”, leading to population control in the city.