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Man house hunting in Mumbai found more stressed than software engineer

11, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. In a case that has alarmed doctors in Mumbai, a man house hunting in the city was found to be more stressed than a software engineer.

The case came to fore when the man collapsed while looking for a place to rent out in Khar. Having already seen close to 25 rooms that day, he was reportedly negotiating for rent, when he complained of tiredness before fainting. He then regained consciousness while he was being taken to nearest doctor.

Too many flats but none in the budget.
Too many flats but none in the budget.

Claiming that such stress levels so far were seen only in IT Professionals, whether on project or benched, doctor treating him was shocked to know he was neither of these.

“First time he visited me, he looked so stressed that I thought he was either a software engineer or a person whose maid was on leave,” the doctor told Faking News.

Later on examining him, the doctor found that he had seen more flats in Mumbai than number of flats owned by Sharad Pawar in the city. While most of them were beyond his budget, the ones that fit in his budget were such that he didn’t fit in them.

He was later prescribed to look for flats in Kalyan-Dombivalli by the doctor.

Experts say that it is a common knowledge that an IT professional takes to stress like fish takes to water, but now even people house hunting in Mumbai are also caching up.

Many stress specialists who are based out of Bangalore, thanks to it being IT hub, agreed they were probably ignorant enough to underestimate stress potentials of such clients outsiders staying in Mumbai.

They are now contemplating shifting base to Mumbai from Bangalore.

Many cited saturation levels of stress among Software professionals as the reason. They also claimed how many of these IT guys have now made peace with their stressful lives and that their breed was now slowly evolving into a stress tolerant one, without having to consult doctor every time.

“It is like people watching Arnab’s Newshour. Most of them know they will get a headache, but they still watch it, and don’t really go to a doctor after every show,” one such psychiatrist cum stress treating specialist explained.