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Man invents trousers that automatically roll up as one enters waterlogged area

12, Sep 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai: A local entrepreneur today announced to the waiting world that he has managed to invent a pair of trousers that automatically roll up as one approaches and starts to walk into a waterlogged area.

Rolled up pants
The next unicorn!

This invention is pegged as a God send for people who have to walk some distance to reach office and are forced to go through a hellish experience of stopping, putting their bag down on the wet dirty ground, and then using their hands to somehow pull up the pants and then enter the waterlogged area, all the while praying that the pants don’t slip down and that they have rolled up a sufficient length so as to not end up wetting the hem of the trousers.

The invention is not only likely to help people in major Indian cities who have to negotiate such waking due to heavy rains or poor municipal facilities, but also in other parts of the world that see waterlogging or adventure sports.

We spoke to the inventor Mr Rahul Jadhav, who is based in Mumbai for more insight. “I have been observing that while the Municipal Councils have worked hard to create many Venices in India, these are useless as we don’t have gondolas and singing boatmen yet. Most people interested in signing join reality shows while gondolas are being used by fishermen. So I saw a real problem,” he said.

“I have been observing these since my years studying at IIT Powai, and I finally decided to help the guys out. I realized that the people were most unhappy with their trousers getting wet and dirty. On rest of the issues like civic facilities or singing boatmen, they had given up,” he explained.

“My special trousers are made up of of an ultra-hydrophobic material which not just prevents the water from sticking but actually cringes and runs away from it just like my fellow batchmates. I don’t wish to explain the entire inner workings as frankly you won’t understand being a journalist. I can also tell you that I have decided to launch a fashion line and a retail store to manufacture and retail the pant through which I easily expect get a 10 digit USD valuation,” he quipped.