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Man involved in 3 consecutive road accidents to get his city's name in the news

24, Sep 2016 By RT

Faridabad. A man from Faridabad involved in 3 consecutive road accidents to get his city name in the news. Apparently, the man(who didn’t wish to be named) was not happy with the fact that accidents happening in lesser known places in the country were  more getting more attention. Faking News reporter carefully walked up to him for an exclusive interview:

Deliberate car accidents to get media attention
Deliberate car accidents to get media attention

FN: 3 accidents in a day? How it happened?

Man: See! I live in Faridabad, the most boring city in India. Nothing comes in news about Faridabad. Even road accidents and road rage are written with reference to Delhi or Bangalore. So I decided to do something unique and involved in 3 accidents in a day to make a national reporter comes to my city.

FN: Was it easy to execute?

Man: Oh my God! Very difficult to do accidents in India. How do you involve in an accident, when every driver drives carefully to avoid collision with the other vehicles. I nearly had a 100 accidents today before I successfully completed the 3 dented ones.

FN: What is the damage to your car?

Man: Faridabad may be a small city and have less crowded roads compared to your regular newsworthy cities like Bangalore or New Delhi. But, the traffic and the pot holes are as bad. How big a dent you can make driving at 10 km per hour?

FN: Do you have other plans to create sensational national news?

Man: Of course I do. I am planning to make my insurance company pay for all the three accidents. Once that happens, the entire local, regional, national and international media will be at my door! Wait and see!

When FN news reporter left, the man was seen driving towards the insurance company with trunk full of documents.