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Man learning Yoga to develop a flexible body to help him pass through the tight spaces in Mumbai local

21, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Tired of struggling for enough space to stand inside Mumbai local for years, a Mumbai resident, Rohit Kumar, has decided to learn Yoga so that he can slide into the tight spots inside the compartment. Mumbai local trains are notoriously overcrowded and people often struggle to find the space to pass through the sea of people to reach the door at their station.

Get ready for Yoga
Get ready for Yoga

Rohit has been using Mumbai local for past 2 yrs and has often missed his station because he didn’t manage to reach the exit in time. While watching a Yoga program on TV, Rohit saw how it helps a person become really flexible and that is when the idea struck him. Now he is attending Yoga classes to become really flexible so that he can squeeze through any tight spot.

“Problem is, everyone wants to stand near the doors. Even when they have to get down several stations later, they keep standing at the door. People like me, who actually have to get down, miss their stations, particularly during peak hours. I had two options; either develop a strong enough body to push 10 people out of the way, or to learn to navigate my way through the tiniest of gaps. I found the second option easier, and Yoga is going to help me do it”, Rohit said.

“Yoga can also help me hold my breath so I won’t have to smell all those weird oils that my co-passengers use. It will help me stay calm as well whenever someone will step on my toes. I think every local passenger should be learning Yoga, multiple benefits”, Rohit added.

Rohit is planning to write to PM Narendra Modi to ask him to do Yoga inside a Mumbai local during the next International Yoga Day.