Man learns 'Locking-Popping' dance form by traveling daily in a bus

31, May 2015 By sameer mahawar

Bengaluru. The city of start-ups has provided its daily commuters with another idea, that is, learning ‘Locking-Popping’ dance form while travelling in BMTC buses.

This newly discovered idea came out from the sluggish mind and stiff body of Mr. Kemo D’Pausa, who claims to have learnt this novel art of dancing within 2 weeks when he just joined an IT company and used to travel by BMTC buses, which are known for giving more jerks and jitters than the competitive exams results.

Kemo's favourite dance move
Kemo’s favourite dance move

While filling the audition forms for a dance reality show “Naach India Naach…with tagline as ‘Baap ke Paise par’ which will be judged by all time famous dancers Sonali Bendre and Ketan Bhagat, Kemo said, “ In the initial days I used to struggle a lot while travelling via buses as I had to adjust my body every 5 to 10 seconds due to one or the other reason like random brakes applied by the driver, quick acceleration if the driver sees some white space in Whitefield or in any other area. But after sometime I thought of applying my scientific mind and hence started using the phenomenon of ‘Inertia of Rest and Motion’. This is the first ever thing I had applied in my life which I read in my science books. As a consequence, I found myself getting mastered in Locking and Popping as my body became customary to the motions produced by bus which I was able to coordinate perfectly with my flexible body and mind.”

On asking which is his favourite dance move, Kemo said, “When the driver suddenly applies the brakes, I lean my body forward with my feet stuck at the same place, just like Michael Jackson. Earlier I was not comfortable with this step and have got lot of slaps and beatings from female passengers on whom I used to fall down intentionally when I used to try this, whenever the driver applied brakes, but now I am an expert at it.”

Sources claim that Kemo is also planning to take a bus on rent and start his ‘BMTC Locking Popping dance academy’ in it, which will come as a relief for the voyagers who travel 4 hours at an average daily between office and home.