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Man leaves umbrella at home after MeT department predicts heavy rains

23, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Even though it was raining nonstop for the past week, a Mumbai man decided not to carry his umbrella with him today. Ajay, a resident of Chembur, took this decision after hearing on the news that the Meteorological department is predicting very heavy rains during the day.

No such sight today on the roads

Ajay was carrying his umbrella with him whenever he stepped out over the past week. However, once he heard that the MeT department is predicting heavy rain, he thought he has no need for it today.

“I really like the accuracy of this weather department. They have an inaccuracy rate of 95% so whenever they predict rain, I leave my umbrella behind, and when they predict sunlight, I always make it a point to carry my umbrella with me. People complain about the inaccuracies instead of just expecting the opposite of the prediction, I don’t understand that”, Ajay said.

“It was raining nonstop for the past week so I was preparing myself to face more heavy rain today. Along with my umbrella, I was even preparing to carry a raincoat in my backpack as a backup. However, just before leaving my home, I decided to check on the news and that is when I saw it. There was a prediction for very heavy rain over the next 48 hours. I knew there and then that I won’t need an umbrella today, and I was proved right. I went to the office and came back without facing any rain”, Ajay added.

Meanwhile, MeT department has predicted more heavy rains over the next 48 hrs so we suggest you plan an outing with your family.