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Man misplaced TV remote, finally had a sound sleep of 8 hours in a night after several years

17, Dec 2016 By RT

New Delhi: A man in his early thirties reportedly slept for 8 straight hours in a night. Sleeping 8 hours in a night is very normal in school going children. Just that he is not a child and he didn’t sleep for 8 hours at a stretch, over a decade.


No. He did not suffer from any insomnia. Also, he is medically fit to sleep like any engineering college hostel student, Faking news reporter has learnt when he met him at his residence, for a totally quiet chatter.

“People have several addictions. For me, I don’t smoke; I don’t drink; I don’t gamble. What i do is, I watch TV. After coming home from work, I switch on the TV and then start switching between the channels. Movies, news, sports and reality shows – though most of the times I get confused to figure out which one is which,” the man explained the routine to our reporter.

“I do try to sleep for 8 hours a night after all the remote control, though actually the remote controls me quite often. In some days I press more buttons in the remote than the keyboard at my office. In particular, the aftereffect of News hour wakes me up after 2 to 3 hours of sleep and I go through the routine again,” he explained the problem further.

“Now that I have lost the remote control, I finally have control over my life and sleep. I just had 8 hours of sound sleep yesterday; earlier it used to be just sound and no sleep,” he summed it up to Faking News reporter.