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Man names his yet-to-be-born child as Justice so that he can claim 'Justice is delivered in India'

11, May 2015 By manithan

Bhubaneshwar. A man from the city has decided to name his to-be born child as ‘Justice’ to prove to the world that it can still be delivered in India.

We met the proud man, Ramnath Dey, aged 29, outside his residence on the outskirts of the city. He introduced himself and then started describing about his desire for an utopian India where everything acts as per law.

He said, “Right from my young age, I always used to see our people as the one who stand for justice at any cost. I used to think that my fellow Indians will act as per law and live a life that will send our neighboring countries to jealousy. But, as I grew up, I came to realise that people break law to achieve their ends. I could see my poor friends languishing in jails for petty crimes and big big powerful celebrities enjoying their lives even after horrible crimes. I lost my trust in judiciary.”

Have Hope! Justice will be delivered soon.
Have Hope! Justice will be delivered soon.

“Whichever crime involved powerful guys, I could see people supporting those criminals and even our honorable courts relieving them of the punishments which they deserved. This was depressing. I kept on asking to myself ‘Will Justice be ever delivered in India?’. I asked this to my co-workers, they told me to shut up and work. I asked this to local politician, he laughed and sped in his car. I asked this to my wife. Her answer shook my conscience and gave me this idea, which drew the country’s attention to me.”

By this time, his pregnant wife came near him and he put his right hand over her shoulders. He then continued, “She told me ‘If you really want Justice to be delivered, try naming our child as Justice. Then only, you can boast to others that Justice is delivered in India’. That was really a cool idea. The name Justice is gender-neutral. My child will have to act just, just because of name. There will be pressure to live up to the name right? Also, if anyone asks her or him ‘Who are you?’, my child can say ‘I am Justice’ and people will immediately start respecting him without questioning and will say ‘We have full faith in you’.”

Before we were leaving, he reminded us, “Justice will be delivered in India in 7 days. I will call you once it is delivered.”

Related Update: Hearing about this cool concept, a reputed Pizza delivery chain here has named their new Pizza as Justice. Their latest newspaper ad reads ‘Justice delivered hot at your doorsteps in 30 minutes flat'”