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Man not allowed to enter Starbucks after he failed to produce any Apple product at entry

24, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai: Vishal, an IT engineer who works for a Powai-based startup, was denied entry at Starbucks when he failed to show any Apple product with him.

It was learnt that Vishal had shown the apple drink he was carrying, but one of the guards at the entrance thrashed him. Vishal immediately rushed to the nearest Apple store after the incident

When Faking News reporter spoke to Vishal, he said, “This is bizzare! People who go to Starbucks don’t need to prove their poshness to anyone. If they can afford a Starbucks coffee, they can afford any Apple product.”

Starbucks CEO, Mr. La Café Chino, has defended the act of his employees saying, “How can someone afford our coffee when he can’t afford an Apple product, and it’s not just about that. Starbucks Coffee is made up of Arabica beans which activates your taste buds when interacted with rays generated by iPhones. That’s why we are making it mandatory to keep your iPhone beside the coffee mug.”

Starbucks has become a sign of affluence among the youth. Starbucks has decided to put an Apple product scanner at the entrance to ensure only a genuine Apple product owner enters in. This is not the first time when a coffee or a food chain has taken such steps.

During the UPA government’s regime, when price of onions had sky rocketed, a bar in south Bombay had allowed stag entry for people who carried at least 1 Kg onions with them.

We also spoke to Vishal’s ex-girlfriend Nikita Oberoi. She says, “This is beyond disgusting. Even I was surprised when I got to know that Vishal doesn’t even have an iPod, why would anyone not buy an iPhone? Had I known this earlier,  I would have broken up with him, anyway better late than never.”

Basic necessities like food, coffee etc. becoming a symbol of people’s affluence is debatable, but the youth embracing it, instead of outraging on it, is worrisome.