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Man performs surgery on himself after reading a book

17, Feb 2010 By Tantanoo

Gandhinagar. In a surprising series of events, a bookseller from Gujarat performed surgery on himself, after being inspired by a book. Panna Lal, owner of Jai Shri Krishna book stores in Gandhinagar, slit his wrist after reading management guru Arindam Chaudhuri’s bestseller – “Discover the Diamond in you”. Panna was hoping to find some diamonds inside him, an embarrassing reality that he was initially reluctant to admit.

The incident came to light when Panna Lal went to a doctor’s clinic to get a wound in his arm stitched. When he couldn’t specify the cause of the injury the doctor became suspicious and called the police. After being grilled by the Police, Panna Lal revealed that he believed that there were diamonds in his body and he wanted to find them.

Panna's wrist
Doctors had tough time treating Panna Lal

“I could feel them at various places in my body but the book didn’t tell me anything about finding them”, Panna Lal told the Faking News reporter. So he began his treasure hunt by getting his body scanned. In one USG test, the reports revealed the presence of three stones in his kidneys.

“That day I was convinced that my body is a diamond mine”, he said. However when the kidney stones came out after painful deliberations, Panna Lal was heartbroken to discover that they weren’t diamonds. In fact, to his horror, the stones didn’t even have any astrological worth.

At last, in one desperate attempt, Panna Lal tried stitching diamonds to his body. “If you can’t find them, fake them”, he said “I had just read Abdulmutallab’s story and I thought it was a good idea”. So he bought some diamonds, cut open his wrist and tried sewing the diamonds in. But he didn’t have any previous experience with sutures and he couldn’t access Google because his internet connection was down. So when the blood loss didn’t cease, he decided to go to a doctor and thus his deeds (and diamonds) were discovered.

When asked for his comments, Author and Professor Arindam Chaudhuri said that he was surprised that his book could have such an effect on a person. While Panna Lal has been sent to Government Mental Hospital for further treatment, Faking News advises its readers not to go ‘by the book’ on every occasion.

(written by a very lonely person called Tantanoo)