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Man queuing outside Ganesh Mandap hopes to get Darshan by next Ganesh Chaturthi

10, Sep 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai: A local Ganapati devotee who has been queuing outside one of the most famous and prestigious Ganesh mandap in Mumbai had high hopes of being able to take Darshan as early as the next Ganesh Chaturthi in 2019. The man and others in the line have vowed to stand unflinchingly for about a year without any complaints.

Devotees who stood in queue in 2015 are finally getting darshan
Devotees who stood in queue in 2015 are finally getting darshan

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with huge pomp and show in Mumbai, with almost all of its citizens taking part in the festivities in one form or another.

We spoke to the man in question Mr. Ram Pyare for more details. He said, “So what if there is a year long queue to take Darshan. At least it’s smaller than the one where people are queuing up to get free Reliance Jio sim. And having said that my whole life has been defined by queues. First my mother had to queue long hours before my birth as beds weren’t available in wards, then father had to queue for my nursery admission in management quota and I had to stand in long queues outside professor’s office to beg for marks to avoid supply, just like those this is one more such struggle for an ordinary common man like me, but it’s by choice.”

We also spoke to a committee member as to learn how they are managing the crowd.

“Well everything has to be orderly, first committee members and their family and friends are given priory darshan. Then the Bollywood stars who wish to be a part of our festivity are allowed to barge right in. And last but not the least all the builders without whose donations nothing is possible are catered to. And after all this we can turn our attention to the general public. Then if Mr Ram Pyare has to wait for an year, its not my problem,” said the member with an nonchalant look.