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Man quotes low GDP growth numbers to deny maid a 50 rupees raise

27, Sep 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Amit Kumar from Chembur has successfully avoided giving any raise to the maid working at his home by quoting the low GDP growth numbers and complaining about the state of the economy. Ahead of Diwali, the maid had asked for a 50 rupees raise and a bonus but Amit dodged them both by telling her that it is hard for him to spare any money in this economy.

The image Amit showed to his maid to make his point

“Well she asked for a 10% raise and I told her that is a request that can’t be entertained at all. After negotiating for about half an hour, she eventually reduced her demand to a 50 Rupees raise. At that stage, I switched on the TV and showed her various pundits complaining about the state of the economy. I even showed her Yashwant Sinha’s piece and told her that I am about to become very poor too. That really clinched it, she shrugged her shoulders and returned to her work”, a proud Amit told Faking News.

Further, he added ,”Look, I am not a bad person but how can I give her a raise so frequently. Only in 2015,we had increased her salary. Thanks to my boss in office who has always given us low increments, I know how to blame the economy when you have to refuse the request for high increments from an employee. I used all the lines he has spoken to me during appraisal season and eventually convinced the maid to leave without getting the raise she was looking for.”

When we contacted the maid for her reaction, she said ,”Pagaar badhaya nahin, aadhe ghante GDP GDP bol ke dimaag chaata wo alag. Main kal se yahan kaam pe nahin aayegi.”