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Man receives resignation letter with his name on it as a Secret Santa gift

25, Dec 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Pune: In a shocking incident, an IT employee from the well-recognized MNC- Infosys, has received resignation letter as the surprise gift from his secret Santa. However, the employee has refused to accept the gift but the game rules say one can’t refuse to accept the gift.

Vikas Kumar, 27 year old software engineer in Pune branch of Infosys, and his team decided to play secret Santa on 24thDecember, a day before Christmas Eve. Game rule was such that every employee will write their name in a paper and put it in a bowl and once every employee is done, one by one every employee will pick a paper from the bowl and will gift the person whose name is there in that paper.

All the employees were happy with the gift they receive except Vikas. Faking News reporter spoke to Vikas to get the complete details. Vikas said, “Look I had no plans of resigning anytime soon, market is slow and it’s very difficult to get a job elsewhere. I am not accepting the gift and will approach top lawyers if the company forces me to accept my gift.”

Company’s MD, V K Malhotra, has a different view point. Mr. Malhotra said, “Look the company is going through a difficult phase and we have fired a few employees. We don’t like firing people but we don’t have any other option either. If in such condition someone manages to make a few employees resign nothing better. What has happened with Vikas is sad, but it’s been done in the most creative way. I would like to award the person who did it.”

Incident became national news when a congress MLA slammed PM Modi saying, Even Modi’s Vikas couldn’t save his job”. BJP hasn’t replied to Congress’ MLA remark yet.

Christmas is a festival of light and Joy what happened with Vikas may open new possibilities for him, hence stay positive.