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Man refuses to pay the bill for coffee as it was served immediately in a 5 star hotel 

14, Aug 2016 By RT

Bangalore: A man in his early twenties refused to pay the bill yesterday, for his order of a pot coffee, at a 5 star hotel in the city. The man argued with the restaurant management that the coffee was served within two minutes and that is not what is expected from a 5 star restaurant.

Faking News contacted the man for a quick chat, which more or less became a monologue of the event at the hotel.

coffee shop
Such coffee shops aren’t expected to serve anything within half an hour

Faking News: Tell us what happened in the restaurant?

Man: See, I go to a 5 star hotel only when I am with a girl, out on a date. Though I ask about 5 to 10 girls for a coffee date in a month, I will feel very lucky even if one of them agrees to go out with me. My budget is 3000 rupees, which covers the cost of a pot coffee in many 5 star hotels. My planned chitchat time is anything between 1 hour to 2 hours, depending on the number of stars the hotel boasts of: 5, 6 or a 7.

Personally, in spite of my persistent efforts, I often go dateless for many months. Just yesterday, this girl finally agreed to go out with me for a cup of coffee, with strict rules. She will stay only till the coffee gets over or 1 hour is passed, whichever is earlier.

The rules suited me very well as I have planned and executed this a couple of times before. I picked a costly 5 star hotel restaurant for the evening. I know they normally take about 30 minutes to serve the coffee. I was planning on sipping the coffee for another 20 minutes which will be well within her rules for the evening.

We reached the hotel alright. I ordered for the pot coffee after thoroughly checking the price on the menu and after calculating the service tax and other charges, the bill would be slightly less than 3000 rupees. The waiter leaving us alone, I smiled for the first time and was all set to utter my opening line.

The waiter immediately returned within 2 minutes and served us coffee in a pot. My opening statement hung in the middle at this sudden unexpected turn of events. I never expected a 5 star hotel to serve anything within 30 minutes. Before I could come out of the shock, the girl already finished half of her cup.

I mechanically poured a little for myself and wanted to finish my opening statement even as the girl sipped her last and thanked me for the coffee and left in a huff. Once the girl left, the waiter immediately returned with a bill. Till now, I do not know how he figured out that I was not going to order anything else.

I told him politely that I can’t pay for this because this did not meet the standards of a 5 star hotel. What kind of a hotel will serve anything in less than two minutes? Even fast food places take more time. Hell! the vada pav guy at our office gives me the levy to stand there for 5 minutes, waiting for the snack and eyeing on the prospective coffee dates.

The waiter called the manager and he asked me why I won’t pay. I told him very categorically that I did not get to finish my opening line and the waiter spoiled the evening. I cannot pay as I need the money for the next coffee date, a real one at a real 5 star hotel which clearly understands the needs of the customers visiting the site.

Faking News: Did he agree?

Man: Nope. He had only one final and closing statement. Either I pay or he calls the police.

Faking news has learnt from the sources that the man pleaded with the hotel management about the plan and the mishap thereafter. Having heard the tearful story about how his rs.3000 is the only hope for his next attempt, the hotel management let him go.