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Man requests a doctor to write his love letter, even if caught no one will be able to read a single word

24, Aug 2018 By dasu

Mumbai: Nikhil, a software engineer takes help of a doctor staying in his neighborhood to write his love letters to Priya who is studying in Grant medical college.


“One or two times, Priya’s mother found my love letters. She would think them as some scribbling done by Priya’s niece who is in playschool”, said Nikhil who is taking advantage of doctor’s handwriting which only a doctor like Priya is able to read.

Nikhil added, “This I am doing because Priya’s parents don’t like me. They will create a big hungama, unnecessarily Priya has to take the brunt of their anger if they find my letters”.

“Not sure if they watch Munna bhai movie frequently, like Sanjay Dutt’s parents in the movie they also believe only a doctor can understand a doctor better, not someone like me who is surviving by copying code through Google. That’s why for Priya, they are looking for a doctor groom preferably settled abroad,” said Nikhil.

Like every love story has a challenging second half, one day Nikhil letter fell in to the hands in to the Priya’s uncle who is a pharmacist while visiting her sister’s place.

“I am not the one to run away. I came to know no one in Priya’s family or relatives understand software programming. I have taught Priya basic C and C++, using that to write letters. Like in the past letter content remains between both of us,” said Nikhil with a smile.