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Man runs out naked from neighbor’s house shouting 'Eureka'

31, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

The mysterious runner
The mysterious runner

Mumbai. Residents of Yari Road in Andheri West woke up after hearing screams of “eureka! eureka!” in the wee hours of morning today. When they looked out of their windows, they were shocked to see a man running naked on the streets and shouting these words while waving frantically towards the residents. The residents were further amused and confused when they saw another man running behind the naked man screaming some abusing terms.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The man was stark naked and shouting ‘eureka, eureka’ at the top of his voice. He jumped and waved his hands like crazy each time he uttered those words. I was instantly reminded of that legendary tale of Archimedes. I thought I was witnessing some scientific discovery of the century, but the whole situation took a bizarre turn when I saw another man, fully dressed this time, running behind that naked guy.” Anjaan, a local resident said.

None of the locals knew for sure the fact of the matter as they got busy for their jobs and other daily engagements soon after. Most of them Googled for the event in their offices to get the latest update but were not successful in their endeavors. Finally they could get updates from a national Hindi news channel that covered the story as ‘breaking news’.

“The guy was having an affair with his neighbor’s wife and was caught pants down this morning. His neighbor was outraged and livid after seeing him in a compromising position with his wife, and ran towards him in a hostile manner threatening to kill him. Fearing for his life, the guy ran out of the house without putting his clothes on. It’s not yet clear why he was shouting ‘eureka, eureka’ while he ran.” Tukkaram, a local police officer informed. Police have arrested the naked man and his neighbor on charges of creating obscenity in public places.

Nangendra, the thirty-two year old naked man (name changed to protect identity), has rejected the police version and claimed that he was a social researcher who was performing an experiment to find out the primary emotional and corporeal reactions of a man when confronted with a cheating wife. He also vouched that the woman he was caught with was also a co-researcher and they shared nothing but a professional and scholastic relationship. Nangendra is a PhD student of psychology in Mumbai University.

“I was happy that my research paper would finally come to an end after seven long years and I would finally be able to please my professor. I was always told by my professor to bring primary and original data for my thesis work, and I had long wondered how. Finally I did get the data when my neighbor ran after me to kill me. That’s why I was shouting in excitement.” Nangendra explained.

Police are not yet ready to believe Nangendra’s version and have left it upon the courts to decide the truth. Nangendra is still pleading for his case with the police officials as he fears that court will take even more time to decide his case and his PhD degree might get delayed by another seven years. His neighbor too is now supporting him after he hit him with his shoes in the lock-up room.

Meanwhile according to an sms poll conducted by the national news channel that covered the incident as ‘breaking news’, 73% of Indian citizens believed that Nangendra was not saying the truth.