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Man says he is just window shopping, HomeTown salesman sells him a window

18, Mar 2017 By RT

Palava City. A man of mid thirties, went to the Xperia mall for purposes purely other than shopping and dining, ended up buying a window from hometown. Balu, 34, a resident of Palava went to the mall during the HOLI weekend just to have a look around and go back. He did go back but not before buying a window from hometown, it is learnt by Faking News.


“I just wanted to go and roam around in the mall. I see good things in the shops and around the shops, if you know what I mean. It never costs me anything. Window shopping, by far, has been the most fun activity for me during the weekends. Easily beats the likes of movies and online rummy. If I can comment further, movies are a bigger gamble, nowadays,” the man did digress a little from the main topic.

“I did not digress from the beginning; stayed fully focused on my window selling,” the salesman from hometown told Faking News.

“The man was seen outside of our store looking at nothing in particular. When I asked him, he said he was window shopping. I immediately knew I had my customer. He looked puzzled when I told him that hometown has the right stuff for him,” the salesman explained about the sale.

The chain stores, hometown, has recently launched windows, doors and the door-name boards as the latest addition to their home product offerings. “Our entire sales force has been briefed on how to convert window shopping customers to actually shop windows. I sold 5 windows today,”  the salesman wrapped up his side of the story.

“This guy didn’t allow me to speak from the moment I told him I was just window shopping. By the time I had seen about 10 windows in wood and glass models and a 100 others from a catalog, I was exhausted. I simply bought the most cost effective window and walked home,” Balu told Faking News.

When our reporter asked what he did with the newly bought window, Balu said, “Oh! I simply threw it out of my window once I reached home, before my wife or the neighbors saw me carrying a window.”