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Man sells iPad-2 to buy Aakash-2

16, Nov 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A Chinese boy had sold off his kidneys to buy a new iPad, but in India, the unthinkable has happened. A man has sold off his iPad-2 to buy Aakash-2, the government sponsored tablet launched earlier this week by the President of India.

Delhi resident Kapil (not Sibal), 23, sold off his iPad-2 for just 3000 rupees earlier today and announced that he’d be using those revenues, which were 25% of what he had targeted, to buy Aakash-2.

Kapil Sibal
Kapil (not the iPad-seller) with Aakash tablet

“I felt like the Government of India when my auction at e-bay turned out to be as flop as the 2G auction,” Kapil told Faking News in a candid interview, “I was disappointed but I decided to act like the government and feel happy at this flop auction.”

However, the candor of Kapil vanished when other media houses rushed in to interview him over his flop auction. Smiling a little bit like Manish Tewari and a bit like Kapil Sibal, the iPad-seller Kapil suddenly claimed that his decision to buy an Aakash tablet was a big slap on the face of CAG Apple.

“My decision to own an Aakash-2 instead of iPad-2 sends out a strong message to Apple that people are no more slaves of their products,” Kapil claimed.

When asked to if he considered Aakash a better product than iPad, Kapil floundered to explain his views. However, he tried to divert the attention by giving a completely new spin to his actions.

“See, I believe that it’s less embarrassing to own an Aakash-2 than iPad-2,” Kapil said, “It’s all because of the flawed policies of Apple to release a new OS too frequently.”

“I am pretty sure that people who own older versions of iPad are ridiculed and mocked more frequently and ruthlessly than those who own Android tablets,” he added.

With this statement, the whole debate was turned into Android vs Apple for the journalists, and Kapil successfully diverted the attention from his flop auction.