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Man sending fake messages with 'Sent from my iPhone' signature to impress a girl

02, Oct 2016 By RT

New Delhi: A man in his mid 20s has been sending messages with a false post script ‘Sent from my iPhone’ to impress a girl he was trying to date. This massive scam was uncovered by the girl yesterday when she caught him red handed typing that message in his Chinese brand handset.

Clicked with my iPhone 7

“He actually has a 2,500 Rs Chinese company smartphone, if you can call it that. While composing messages, he changes the line at the bottom to say iPhone and sends the messages”, the girl complained to the Faking News reporter.

The boy and the girl are batchmates at a college and the boy in question has been trying various tricks to impress this girl. His latest attempt, using the Apple brand.

“Listen! I would have never doubted this fellow until I asked him for the image of the Apple product he uses; he clicked the photo of an Apple juice and sent me. I thought he is being funny and sent a few smileys. After that, I asked him again clarifying that I mean the Apple with a bite, he sent me the image of the Apple fruit from which he had taken a bite. After that, I knew something was not right”, the girl talked about the incident which made her doubt this boy for the first time.

“At that moment, I realized I have never seen him carry the iPhone in college. He earlier told me that he carried a cheap phone for rough use outdoors and an iPhone for the special occasions. I thought it was strange but believed him anyway. However, yesterday in canteen I approached him from behind and saw that he was composing an email to me. I was just starting to read the text when I noticed the line ‘sent from my iPhone’ right at the bottom. What the hell dude”, the girl exclaimed.

We tried to get in touch with the boy to get his side of the story but he refused to speak to us and only sent us an email that said- Sorry, can’t talk. Sent from my iPhone.”