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Man sends typed messages on Diwali instead of GIFs, gets thrown out of family WhatsApp group

01, Nov 2016 By Parth Mehta

New Delhi: In a shocking incident on Diwali, the Sharma family that lives as a joint family in Delhi has decided to throw one of their young talented family member out of WhatsApp group. This incident happened after Rohit Sharma, the ousted guy who lives and works in Mumbai, sent several typed messages of “Happy Diwali to you all” to his 10 family members in Delhi on Sharma family WhatsApp group, of which he was a member also.


When our Delhi correspondent Ashutosh interviewed Sharma household, they informed him that they have indeed thrown Rohit out of their WhatsApp group. They said that the reason was that Rohit kept sending typed messages of “Happy Diwali to you all” instead of sending Diwali GIFs.

Rohit’s big brother who goes by name MS said, “We all used to write letters, send greeting cards, call each other or type messages to wish Diwali. But being tech savvy, this year we decided to send each other Diwali GIFs only instead of typed messages under our ‘Nayi Soch’ campaign. Rohit promised us that he will also do the same but he broke the pact repeatedly so we threw him out.

When asked whether talented Rohit was given enough warnings, MS said, “Of course, he is talented. But you just can’t keep typing and sending those messages repeatedly. At some point, you have to make a hard decision.”

Rohit’s younger brother Virat who was going to the gym also remarked, “GIFs is a latest trend. Rohit wasn’t up to the mark. So he is out,” and then ran away to do his cardio exercises while hurling some expletives which can’t be written here.

Rohit’s youngest brother Jaddu was ecstatic showing 1000s of GIFs he received on WhatsApp during Diwali. When asked about Rohit, he didn’t say a word, got angry, rotated his phone like a sword in air and then went to help MS with shopping.

When our correspondent Ashutosh was leaving, he bumped into Sharma family’s neighbor Mr. Kejriwal. When asked about Rohit, Mr. Kejriwal said, we always used to give examples of ‘Sharmaji ka Ladka’. Now what will happen to those examples with Rohit being thrown out. Mr. Kejriwal then went on blaming some random guy named Modiji for this incident, which our correspondent Ashutosh didn’t understand at all but agreed with Mr. Kejriwal anyways.

On the other hand, Rohit contacted SILLY – Secular Institute of Left Liberals for Youth who are planning candle light vigils in Mumbai and Delhi. Rohit has also contacted a famous broker & journalist Barkha Rani who  tweeted ‘A young guy thrown out of family for typing. As a society & country, we should be ashamed of ourselves.’

Meanwhile another news channel has started a trend “#NATIONSTANDSWITHROHIT” and a journalist named Arnab Hulkoswami is planning to invite 15 panelists to watch the debate, while listening patiently to him through superprimetime.

Talented Rohit on the other hand is now trying to make up for this mistake by sending 264 Diwali GIFs to Sharma family WhatsApp group.