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Man shamed by beggar for paying only 5 Rs through swipe machine

04, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: As PM Modi told the nation in Moradabad yesterday, even beggars have started using swipe machines these days. However, some of them get really offended if after all that investment, people give them small amounts. One such beggar badly shamed a person today when he tried to give only 5 Rs after swiping the card.

Swipe machine
A beggar’s latest tool

Ever since Narendra Modi announced demonetisation on the 8th of November, cash has become very important in people’s lives. Now with most ATMs dispensing only 2000 rupee note, small change has become even more important. Due to this, beggars were really suffering as people weren’t ready to part with their cash unless they really had to. To overcome this obstacle, some beggars are starting to use swipe machines so that people can pay via card.

Speaking about the incident, the beggar said ,”I heard Modi Ji mention in his speech that some beggars have started using swipe machines. I liked the idea to boost my business and got myself a new machine this morning. First person I approached for money, agreed to pay using his card. However, I exploded with anger when he said he will pay 5 Rs only. I am going hi-tech to boost my business, not for chindi collections. I spent so much money to get a machine and he wants to pay me only 5 Rs?”

“Once he told me to enter 5 Rs, I threw his card back at him, shouted at him for full 2 minutes and then blamed him for not supporting Modi ji’s demonetisation initiative. Next time if he sees a beggar with a swipe machine, he won’t give less than 1000 Rs I assure you”, he added.

Meanwhile, as per sources, after beggars, even eunuchs in Mumbai local have started carrying swipe machines for cashless payments.