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Man spending Friday afternoon in office by just staring at the clock on his computer

09, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: Battered and bruised by a tiring week at work, 27 yrs old Abhishek is spending the Friday afternoon in office by just staring at the clock on his computer. Abhishek is cheering on the clock as it approaches 6 PM so that he can end this miserable week and head to his favourite bar.

How much time left for the end of the day?

Abhishek, who works as a sales executive for an MNC, is too tired to care about work right now and just wants to get out of his office as soon as the clock touches 6.

Speaking to a Faking News reporter, Abhishek said, “Preferably, I would like to spend the whole day staring at the clock on a Friday. After 4 days of work, I am ready for the weekend but unfortunately, we have this whole day to negotiate before celebrating the weekend. Now the IT desk has blocked all gaming websites, social media websites, movie streaming websites and TOI, NBT type ‘news’ websites so there really isn’t much to do except staring at this clock.”

“I try to make a game of it. I cheer the clock on as it moves forward, sometimes I change the time zones to countries east of India. Then it shows me that it is already past 6 PM and I get some pleasure in that, even though I know deep in my heart that it still isn’t. All these things keep me amused as I pass time from lunch to the end of the day”, Abhishek added.

“I tried to tell our HR manager that everyone is just killing time on Friday afternoons so better close the office early on Fridays but he told me that they have outsourced the function that listens to suggestions by employees. I have to go to some place in Bengaluru to submit my suggestion, much easier to stare at a clock for 4 hrs”, Abhishek added before returning to his staring.

Meanwhile, IT engineer in Abhishek’s office was trying to remove the clock from the system of every employee as well so that they concentrate only on work, and not on time.