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Man spending long weekend complaining about returning to office on Tuesday

04, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 29 yrs old Anuj Chauhan is currently enjoying the long weekend and is spending all his time complaining that he will have to return to office on Tuesday. Thanks to Ganesh Chaturthi on Monday, office goers are celebrating  long weekend. While some have used it to go out of town or throw parties, Anuj is using his time away from work to complain about going back to work.

Anuj checking list of holidays to see how many long weekends to come

Speaking to Faking News, Anuj’s wife said, “I thought we will really enjoy these 3 days and go out to have some fun. How wrong was I. All he is doing is, sitting on the couch, flipping through TV channels and muttering, Tuesday ko office jana padega. I keep telling him that we have plenty of time to enjoy before that but he is in no mood to enjoy this long weekend.”

Anuj, who was sitting right there said ,”But fact of the matter is that I will have to go to office on Tuesday. I really hate these long weekends. Going to office after a long weekend is always that much harder and makes us hate our jobs more. Government should pass a law, no festivals on weekdays. These long weekends even ruin the joy of a regular Saturday, Sunday.”

When we asked Anuj why is he wasting his holidays by worrying about Tuesday already, he said ,”How can I enjoy myself when I know that I will have to return to office yaar? I was used to getting up at 7 AM, Now in 3 days, my body will get used to waking up at 10 AM, then waking up at 7 for the office will feel like torture. This is making me dread Tuesday morning that much more.”

After that, Anuj started praying for no more festivals on Monday. We interrupted him to tell him that next weekend is of 3 days as well. After that, he chased us out of his home.