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Man stands for the entire duration of a movie as practice for ATM queue the next day

05, Dec 2016 By RT

Mumbai: Mr. Kumar, a resident of Bandra, visited one of the multiplexes in the city for watching a movie. Neither the movie nor the visit would have been newsworthy but for Mr. Kumar’s strange behaviour. He reportedly stood for the entire duration of the movie. When asked by the staff, he said that he is preparing for a visit to the ATM tomorrow.

Cinema hall
Stand up for the National Anthem, keep standing for the ATM queue

“Initially, I never had the intention of watching this movie, definitely not to watch it while standing. It all started when the National Anthem was played in the movie hall. I stood for the anthem and mid way through, wanted to sit down to relax. Then it hit me, If I am unable to stand for 52 seconds, how am I going to stand for 5 hours and 20 minutes in an ATM queue?” Kumar said while talking about the reason he stood for the entire movie.

“When the entire crowd was travelling through Yamuna and Ganga, a sudden thought came to my mind. Why not stand through the entire movie as practice for tomorrow’s ATM queue. I silently whistled at the idea and looked around to see if anyone would object. There were hardly 15 people inside the hall and nobody was behind me so I wasn’t going to block anyone’s view either. From that moment on, I continued to literally stand by my decision”, he further added.

Mr. Kumar reportedly did not sit down even during the intermission. “There is no intermission in an ATM queue”, he quipped when the reporter asked him. “See! The whole exercise is a preparation for standing in an ATM queue. So, it would be unfair to take unsanctioned breaks from the gruesome ordeal!” Mr. Kumar told Faking News.

When Faking News asked him whether it was a torture to stand for 2 and half hours, he laughed out loud. “Standing for 2 and half hours was not torturous, watching the movie was definitely torture. If not for my conscious decision of a practice stand, I would have run out of the movie after first 10 minutes.”