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Man still following his New Year Resolution on 3rd January invited as motivational speaker in an MNC

02, Jan 2018 By RT

Mumbai. A man of mid twenties, still following his New Year Resolution on 3rd January, invited as motivational speaker in an MNC. The multinational company always used to pride itself on bringing unusual talent from most unlikely circumstances to motivate the employees, it is learnt by Faking News.


“Someone acting upon a new year’s resolution on 1st of January is normal; on 2nd of January is unheard of; on 3rd of January is out of this world. When we stumbled upon the information about Mr. Ironwill, doing his bit of social service on 3rd of the first month of 2018, we became alert. Apparently, he took a resolution to do social service every day of the new year, we came to know. We have caught him dirty handed when he was sweeping his street in the cooperative society” the HR manager of the MNC told Faking News.

“We did a bit of research before calling him for the speech. The first day, on 1st morning, he cleaned up a lot of liquor bottles from the neighbourhood. The second day, he was seen distributing small pieces of printouts advertising about the underage drinking problem and the 3rd day, he was sweeping the society. Who else can be a better candidate for motivating our employees for the new year 2018 and beyond” he further added.

Mr. Ironwill had apparently violated several directives of his society, on 31st December night. He drank loads of alcohol and influenced several underage teenagers to join him as well. Together, they have littered the neighbourhood beyond acceptable debris. The society management came down heavily on him and asked him to cleanup the mess and to distribute awareness message to the kids in the society. He was still cleaning the spilled snacks on the third day, it is now learnt by Faking News.

Upon further investigation, Mr. Ironwill actually took a resolution to hit the gym every morning and missed it right from the day one, it is now learnt by Faking News.