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Man stops at Red light even with no traffic cop in sight, ridiculed by fellow motorists

05, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 35 yrs old Amrit Sinha faced ridicule from fellow motorists on road when he decided to wait for the signal to turn green even when there was no traffic policeman in sight. The incident happened at Chembur Naka when Amrit was going towards Navi Mumbai in his Hyundai Santro.

Traffic signal
Red means stop, look for traffic police, Go

Recounting the horror, Amrit said ,”I was just going to my friend’s place and I reached this traffic signal. The signal was Red so I stopped my car and started waiting for the signal to turn Green. Immediately loud honking started from behind and I saw in the rear view mirror that people were making angry faces. Some of them pulled up alongside me and looked at me with a quizzical look.”

“Then a guy came up to me and asked me why have I stopped. I told him that the signal is still Red and in response he told me that there are no traffic cops around. When I told him that we still have to follow the rules, he started laughing and went away. Then he announced it loudly to all the other motorists there and they all started pointing and laughing at me as well. I felt so humiliated”, Amrit said.

When we asked one of the guys present at the scene to explain what happened, he said,”There was this idiot blocking the road just because the signal was Red. A good Samaritan even went up to him and explained that there are no cops around but he still insisted on waiting for the Green signal. These are the type of people who cause congestion on roads by following all the traffic rules. Government should revoke driving license of such idiots.”

When we asked Amrit if he will repeat his mistake in future, he said ,”I am going to stop driving completely. I can’t break rules and I can’t face such embarrassment again either. I will start traveling in Mumbai local. Getting my feet crushed and smelling someone’s armpit along the way is better than getting mocked by everyone on the road.”