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Man stops to help a guy who was lying bleeding on the roadside

25, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Many citizens of the national capital were shocked this morning when they saw a man stop his car to help a guy bleeding profusely on the pavement. While accidents are nothing new to the national capital, someone stopping to help an accident victim is a very rare sight.

Delhi road
Good citizens driving away from an accident

The incident happened around 9 AM on Vivekanand Marg near Hyatt Regency. A man was lying on the roadside, bleeding from his head, when a car stopped next to him. A gentleman got out of the car, checked on the bleeding man, then picked him up and placed him in the car and drove away. Later we found out that one such emergency case was brought to AIIMS this morning where a stranger brought a patient with a head injury to the emergency ward but left without leaving his name or number.

Faking News spoke to the eye witnesses to get details of the incident. One guy said,”Yes I remember clearly what happened since it was a most unusual incident. We also noticed that the guy is bleeding there but didn’t help because, you know, police ka lafda and all that. However, this guy not just noticed the blood from his car; he actually stopped the car to help the bleeding guy. He cleaned the blood using his handkerchief, took out a water bottle from his car to clean the wound a bit and then took the victim in his car. Who does that, this is psychotic behavior I tell you.”

“These people make the rest of us look bad. Now people will start asking, if that guy can help the victim, why not you? Kya jawab denge hum ab batao? He should have ignored the victim like the rest of us and moved on. I even saw the accident bhai when he got hit by a speeding bike but did I call the police, No. That is because we know how to mind our own business”, another eye witness present at the scene said.

Meanwhile, Police has assured the public that they will find out who was the culprit who helped this accident victim and bring him to justice.