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Man stuck for hours in road traffic hates Delhi Metro

21, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar


New Delhi. While Delhi Metro has helped millions of daily commuters reach their destinations on time and might have even helped Congress win the last assembly elections, it’s now attracting criticism and condemnation by various people. Apart from the relatives of those killed in accidents occurring at Metro construction sites, the public transport system is slowly inducing hatred among people who travel by road.

“This sucks. Driving my Honda Accord I reached my home three hours later than that stinking watchman working in my office who lives in that hideous building barely five minutes away from my house. I can’t understand why we celebrate such things that create disparity among citizens. I don’t pay taxes to make others’ life better.” Navdhan Nehra, an angry citizen told Faking News.

Many other citizens echoed such feelings and they conceded that they especially hated Delhi Metro during the rains when road traffic came to standstill for hours. Such people want the government to take immediate steps to solve this problem.

“At least they should hike the fare charges. Currently it’s so low that even losers, who should always be traveling by dilapidated buses, now happily travel in air-conditioned coaches of Metro. The government should take some steps or citizens will be pushed to take law in their own hands.” Gussain Gupta, who was jailed for power theft last year and recently ransacked the BSES offices and looted furniture to punish them for power cuts in his area, warned of similar reactions.

Not only by those traveling by road, but Metro is also being hated by people living in areas where Metro is not running yet. The government has ordered to increase the security of Metro after these reports. But people traveling by Metro are not concerned.

“I just love when traffic jams happen and people reach hours late than me. The other day I was coming out of metro station and I saw this old fat man in his car wiping heavy drops of sweat off his forehead. Man, I can’t tell you how funny it was. I loved it.” Guddu, a daily commuter of Metro said.