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Man suffering from loose motion wants debate on root causes of diarrhea

28, Oct 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Dantewada, Chhattisgarh. Ajit Sahu, a man suffering from loose motion, has refused to take medicines and has instead demanded a public debate on the root causes of diarrhea.

Ajit was almost a hostage in his toilet for more than two hours yesterday and has been facing this problem for over a month now, but he still maintains that the society would be better off if root causes of diarrhea were discussed as against administering medicines for loose motion.

“These are just symptoms and the society is going crazy over them. What is more important it to look beyond these symptoms to identify the main problem. I guess the government has to take responsibility in this case. I don’t get pure food or water. I don’t even get good toilet papers. I guess the root cause is government inaction and apathy,” Ajit said.

Symptom or solution?
Symptom or solution?

Ajit has found support among many intellectuals and thinkers, who feel that the root causes of issues must be probed before getting worked up over small symptoms like loose motion. These people have accused the civil society of sweeping critical issues under the toilet carpet.

“People can see loose motions of Ajit in the last month, but they have been blind to the real problem, which is government inaction that has been rampant for ages now. By treating small symptoms like loose motion, the real problems will go unchecked. Ajit has done the right thing,” Arun Rai, a renowned thinker thought.

But Ajit’s neighbors have expressed deepest concern over his condition as they fear that the sewage pipe of the colony could get blocked if Ajit is not administered medicines anytime soon. They also wonder how could they include Ajit in any public debate if he needs to go to the toilet intermittently.

“How can you debate with a person who is busy coming up with loads of shit? We pity his condition even though he might have got a point there when he talks about some root causes. But if we keep looking at the roots, the problem will only branch out in all directions. Tomorrow someone else from the neighborhood can fall victim to this condition. We have to check this shit before it goes too far,” Vir Sahu, a neighbor of Ajit said.