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Man was suffocated and admitted to hospital on seeing nonstop news on Delhi air pollution

12, Nov 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A man was suffocated and admitted to hospital on seeing nonstop news on Delhi air pollution. The incident happened on Saturday morning when he switched on the TV to see screen full of smog with only the mandatory advertisement saying the channel is no 1 in India.


“For the past 2 days I have seen nothing but smog, and I am not in Delhi for crying out loud. There is smog in Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. There is smog in all the national newspapers. When I open news in Google, the smog in the capital city tops the headlines. And finally, the satire writers too keep on writing articles after articles on the smog. This morning’s smog was too much to handle for me and I fainted” the man talked feebly to Faking News from the observation room.

“He is a very strong man otherwise. The last time anything on TV bothered him was when Arnab was running the Newshour in Times now.  He had complained about chest pain after watching the debate in full volume for continuous 3 days. We had asked him to stay away from Arnab thereafter. From that time, his TV watching has been as per prescription and everything was OK till now. This smog has finally got him to get sick again” one of his family members told from outside of the observation room.

“It is very ODD that a TV news can make a man to get admitted to the hospital, EVEN if there is a lot of smog involved to suffocate an entire city” his wife who had seen the TV with him for most of the time during the last few days told Faking News. Oddly, our reporter left politely without adding anymore news on the smog, not even saying that the odd-even scheme has now been called off by the Delhi government.