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Man who has taken loans from all PSU banks replaces Jeff Bezos as the richest person in the world

27, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had only a short run as the richest person in the world. In a proud moment for all Indians, he has been leapfrogged by an Indian businessman Nirav Mallya who has now become the richest person in the world. Nirav Mallya achieved this incredible feat by simply taking loans from all the PSU banks in the country.

Now banks give Nirav Mallya loan directly in Dollars to make things convenient after he escapes to New York

Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Mallya said ,”Yes I have been declared the richest person in the world now and I really want to take this opportunity to thank God for creating PSU banks. However, I don’t see it as my money, I see it as every Indian’s money. Therefore, every Indian can take pride in being the richest person in the world.”

Furthermore, he added, “Of course it wasn’t easy to reach this point. During my days of struggle, I had to go all the way to banks to get theses loans. I had to negotiate for hours to reduce the ‘cut’ demanded by some bank officials. However, as my loans grew, I started getting good service and bank officials started visiting my home to give me loans. Some banks even started a branch in the building next to my house to make it more convenient for them to serve me. After 10 years of taking money from these banks, I have finally reached this point in life.”

When we asked Mr. Mallya if he will miss being the richest person in the world once he returns these loans, he said ,”What nonsense, who returns loans from PSU banks?”