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Man takes a day off to undergo surgery for appendicitis, Boss asks him to submit video of surgery as proof upon return

05, Oct 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurugram: Anmol Singh, a 26 yrs old Techie working in Gurugram was left shocked earlier today when his boss agreed to give him a day off for his surgery only if he returns with a video of the surgery. Anmol is scheduled to undergo an appendectomy later today to remove his appendix.

“Bring that video proof”

“I was suffering from a lot of pain for the past few days so I consulted a doctor who said I will have to undergo the surgery as my appendix has swollen a lot. Since it is a small surgery, I thought one day leave will be enough. I expected my boss to praise me for taking only one day off even though I am undergoing surgery but he shocked me when he said that he will need video proof of the surgery”, Anmol said.

“I was standing there clutching my stomach, in severe pain but he refused to believe me that I needed surgery. I assured him that I will get all the certificates from the doctor showing that I had undergone surgery but he kept insisting on video proof. Now I have to go and request the doctor to film the surgery to prove to my boss that a surgical strike did happen on my appendix”, Anmol said ruefully.

When we contacted Anmol’s boss for his reaction to the story, he said,”Bhai video proof ka zamana hai. People don’t even trust Indian Army without video proof these days then how can I trust my employees. Every week these people kill one of their relatives to take a day off. When I ask for death certificates, they produce death certificates as well, very genuine looking ones as well. Therefore, I have decided to learn from our politicians and insist on video proofs only.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the staff in the office is hoping that their boss won’t ask for the video of them having sex before approving maternity and paternity leaves.