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Man waiting in ATM queue ready to punch the next guy who asks him his views on demonetisation

05, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Jaipur: Ever since Narendra Modi announced demonetisation last month, long queues outside banks and ATMs have become standard. Along with the people standing in the queues for cash, a huge number of reporters and political workers also descend on every ATM to get feedback from the people in the queues. However, this has started irritating the people a lot and Satish Khurana has promised to punch the next person who comes asking for his opinion.

Ask for reaction at your own risk

30 yrs old Satish has been standing outside the ATM since 8 AM today in the hope of withdrawing some cash. Even though the ATM hasn’t opened since then, people have been repeatedly told by the ATM guard that cash is coming any minute. While cash hasn’t come till now, 15 people have come to ask Satish his opinion on demonetisation and the inconvenience it is causing to people.

“I am fed up, totally fed up. Not with the wait for cash yet, but with the continuous stream of people coming to ask for my opinion. My opinion is that you should be bloody kicked in your gut. Not only do they ask for my opinion, they want to film it on camera so that they can play it wherever they want to”, Satish muttered angrily.

“I just want my cash and want to go back home to buy some bread and milk, that is all that I want. I don’t want to be on any camera, I don’t want to be on any news channel and I don’t want to be on any viral WhatsApp video. One party’s supporters come and say speak in favour of demonetisation, we will make you famous. Another party’s supporters come and ask me to speak against demonetisation and they will get me famous. In between, the news reporters, oh God the reporters. They keep asking people in the queue for a byte, none of the people in the queue have eaten anything, all these hungry people will bite you next time you come”, Satish continued to rant while standing in the queue.

While we were overhearing Satish’s rant, ATM’s security guard came out and announced once again that cash is coming any minute.