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Man walking his dog urinates on roadside but his dog does not

17, Jan 2018 By dasu

Kanpur: It is common practice in India for dog owners to take their dog out at least twice a day so that dogs can do their stuff outside, thereby owners maintain their house clean without any extra effort.

But in the case of Mukesh Tiwari, it is different. He takes out his dog so that uske bahane mein he can do Peshab outside peacefully.

Mera Kutta nahin karna chahta hai, to mein kya karoon. When there are so many empty sites nicely covered by bushes here, privacy ka koi concern nahin hai then why I should not do here,” asked Mukesh Tiwari who is a retired state government officer.

“I am diabetic and old. Many times, I am compelled to go to toilet. With my low income and growing inflation, why I will spend money in cleaning toilets by using buckets of water, bottles of phenyl. I can use them for my other necessity to keep me moving at this age like Paan, Gutkha and medicine,” said Mr. Tiwari.

Mr. Tiwari told us the ‘logic’ behind what he is doing. He said, “My dog is not educated, he will never understand what mistake he is doing. But I am MPhil from Kanpur university. Other day I was reading a book which said, next world war will be on water. That’s why I am trying to save as much water as possible for people like you, your kids. Mein to duniya dekh liya hai. Whatever little I can do in my humble capacity in my remaining days, I am doing for the betterment of society.”

Next day morning he caught a kid urinating in front of his house. When he questioned him, threatened that he will complain to his parents. Kid said, “Uncle I am too small to go behind the bushes as I am afraid snakes might be there. Once I become big, well educated like you, I will never do this. Yahan achha dhoop hai, thode der mein yeh sukh jayega, jaisse aapka dimag sukh gaya hai”.