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Man wearing Bluetooth earpiece at all times totally unaware that its no longer 2006

28, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A local resident has been seen walking around confidently with a Bluetooth earpiece in his ear at all times as if he is still living in 2006. The individual, Anuj Sethi, considers himself an expert in all things ‘cool’ and insists that this is a cool and hip accessory.

Bluetooth earpiece
Do you wear one?

As per Anuj’s friends, he wears this earpiece at all times and only takes it off when he takes his weekly bath on Mondays.

“I like to stay on top of all the latest trends. Bluetooth earpiece is the coolest thing around so I have made it a permanent accessory. Even though nobody calls me except my boss, I like to keep it in my ear because it makes me look cool. It has almost become like an extension of my physical being. I haven’t removed it ever since I got it as a birthday gift this June”, Anuj told our correspondent.

“It is also a great utility as well as it leaves my hands free for other important tasks, like killing mosquitoes, dengue is in the air so it helps. Also, when I approach a girl and she ignores me, I pretend that I was speaking in my earphone so it helps save my pride as well. I don’t have to busy any screen guard for my phone as well since I can afford to keep my phone in my pocket at all times, thanks to this Bluetooth earpiece”, Anuj added.

When we asked Anuj that he must be taking out his phone to use social media at least, he replied,”Social media? What is that? Something cool?”